Further Absence of Angel

Absence of AngelAs this is a HEAD painting versus a LOOK AND PUT painting, I stand before the easel and the work really dictates itself.I m working from the top down, (unusually because I normally work in all areas of a painting at the same time ). However the top area has the easy bits that I don t have to think about, as I take the birds from reference books.

The decisions about the curtain colour are a bit more challenging.I am inspired by Rupert Bunnys annunciation painting ANCILLA DOMINI that has a red curtain pulled tight to show the contrast between the backlit centre of the curtain and the part in the shade. Sadly I can t use this device as effectively as my curtain is more folded but I ve decided to stick with the red colour anyway.

Next blog I'll make some decisions about the rest of the textiles suggested in the painting. I've a feeling that blog will be about pattern--in both the textile thrown over the plinth and the carpet on the stairs. Pattern would be a counterpoint to the plain red of the top curtain.