IPad Fun...

It’s literally years since I’ve blogged so here goes. 

Ever since I visited the David Hockney exhibition I have been drawing on my iPad and 

turning the drawings into post cards or making thumbnail sketches that are then the basis of my paintings. 

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This is the thumbnail sketch for a painting called Villefranche sur le mer from the Balcony....It is to be part of my next exhibition — Working title of the exhibition  is Room with a View. . it will be launched when I’ve made 20 of these paintings. So don’t know when that will be!!

The paintings are all square in format, a magic shape. I fell in love with the square when I first saw Klimts square landscapes, have a look.....

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 This is now the painting that has finally emerged, keep tuned for another 19!...





iPad fun! 

Corfu town is a ferry ride or bus ride from where I am in San Stefanos. This time a bus ride as its too early season for the ferry to be operating. Visited favourite places, the icon museum, the market, the streets of the old town, lunch on the Arsinal overlooking the harbour.

In spring Corfu is covered in wild flowers. Besides the usual suspects like poppies, chicory , marshmallow, cornflowers, thistle, and love in the mist, the Amarillys are everywhere, and Corfiats pick huge bunches  to decorate their homes. I keep thinking that such a bunch would be $100 at home. This picture is today's nod to the flower. "Amarillys at San Stefanos"image