One of the best things to happen in my painting life this year was the return of a painting I had made of a beloved child in 1996. It had won an acquisitive prize the following year and had been out of the family home for over 20 years. It’s wonderful to have it back in the fold. Welcome home...the lo

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The painting is also the only painted record we have of Poochy. On the other hand the beloved child and the naughty cockatoo have posed for many portraits.....


Design for the outside of my bathtub. 

Today instead of painting a picture I’m designing a wrapround horizontal procession of swimmers, fish, seaweed, waves to paint on the outside of my bathtub. Really I should be researching how to resurface the inside, but that would be no fun at all!

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Daylesford from the Yellow Room.....

This is the second thumbnail and painting in the series Room with a View.

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And below is the finished painting. 

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Daylesford from the Yellow Room.