I haven't blogged for two years now. Just to prove I finished 'Absence of Angels':

041 Small


My entry to the Doug Moran portrait competition is now submitted, literally signed sealed and delivered, so I can no longer agonize over it or make more changes and “improvements”.

Considering that one is seldom really happy with a picture immediately after its completion I was happy enough to think I'd given it my best…What do you think?

Since I last made an entry I beefed up the warm background and made the screen appear more solid. The previous self portraits are photos of same collaged onto the canvas.

As I was my own sitter I can t complain that I was uncooperative or missed sittings so as I said it s my best effort and here s hoping “THIS TIME LUCKY!”

Update. I ve put previous self portraits on the pretend screen the background. Told you this would be tongue in cheek!!